Nyanga Project

The Nyanga Project is a belt scale, multi-project opportunity covering an area of approximately 2,725km2 along the Congo Craton margin:

  • Strategic land holding (100%-ownership) in a stable country with solid mining code.
  • The western margin of the Congo Craton is almost entirely unexplored for these mineral systems.

First mover advantage targeting untested Ni-Cu sulphides in Gabon.

The two exploration licences held by Armada are located in the south east of the country in the Nyanga Province, southern Gabon.
The Nyanga Project extends for more than 75km within Armada’s two tenements, within which multiple mafic-ultramafic intrusions have been identified, principally along two significant trends, the Libonga-Matchiti Trend (LMT) and the Ngongo-Yoyo Trend (NYT).

A systematic approach to the belt-scale exploration, including geochemical studies completed on rocks, has demonstrated that this belt can now be considered highly prospective for magmatic nickel-copper sulphide deposits.

A 10-hole drilling program completed in 2022, focused on the LMT, successfully validated Armada’s exploration model that these areas are host to a complex, dynamic multi-phased, magma conduit system with the preservation of magmatic sulphide mineralisation observed in all drill holes along a strike length of over 20km.
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Dr Ross McGowan – Managing Director & CEO

"Armada’s exploration efforts in Gabon continue to use the latest techniques and advanced technologies to deliver shareholders potentially game-changing technical possibilities at our district-scale Nyanga Project."

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